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Leaf abnormalities?

I have noticed something very strange going on with the elm trees in the ravine out back. I see leaf buds on top of leaves. Some plants do have buds on top of their leaves that grow into new plants. An example of that is Bryophyllum. But leaf buds on top of elm leaves is very strange. When I first saw them I was thinking "Could this be a leaf tumor? In other words 1 leaf with a lot of leaves coming off of it, sort of like a benign tumor?"

I also noticed something strange with the sugar maples. These seem to have in some areas, lots of leaves coming off of the same part of the branch forming a cluster of leaves that I bet isn't good for photosynthesis.

Why would the elms grow leaf buds on their leaves. And why would maples form clusters of leaves coming off of the same part of the branch? This is clearly abnormal.

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Re: Leaf abnormalities?

Pictures always help!

The maple tree you are talking about, by the cluster of leaves, are you talking about a cluster of twigs? Each leaf has a leaf stem...

There is a thing called witches broom malformation, which can be caused by virus or insects.

It looks like this:


Here's a little article: ... broom.html

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