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Evergreens drying out

Friends - my first struggle with gardening. I have attached a picture of one of the tree/arborvitae in my front yard which suddenly started drying out in the middle. I do not see any problems with any of the remaining trees (4 of them) or even in this tree elsewhere.
Any ideas of suggestion what might be wrong or how I can correct this.
It was a cold winter in New England but nothing different than normal. Not much of snow either.

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Re: Evergreens drying out

I have arbirvitaes. I don't know why yours has some dead branches. I can tell you that the needles won't grow back. I have some arborvitaes with dead branches where there was a fence blocking the light.
Arborvitaes normally drop dead needles and they can accumulate on the inside. The dead needles need to be cleaned out once in a while.
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