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Recommended Plants or Shrubs for Privacy


I'm currently renovating a friend's garden and she would like some shrubs or plants which will provide some privacy (green all year, about 2 metres in height). I am aware that this will be a longterm process to get the plants to the preferred height.

Can anyone recommend anything which might be suitable? Location: Ireland, plenty of rain and light.


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Re: What to put here?

I am bumping this thread.

I live in the tropics so I have no idea what kind of plants would do well. However, it pays no matter where you live to drive around the neighborhood and check out what the neighbors are growing. If it grows for them, it should work for you. If they have fully grown specimens,you will also learn more about how tall and wide the plants get.
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Re: Recommended Plants or Shrubs for Privacy

I don't know a lot about your climate, but I am assuming rainy with fairly mild winters?

Wax myrtle/bayberry is a nice small tree which can be pruned into a privacy hedge. It is fast growing, evergreen, pretty trouble free. It has separate male and female plants. If you have both, the females will make pleasantly scented berries from which bayberry candles were made. It is a US native, so I don't know if available where you are.

Rhododendron is a beautiful flowering evergreen that can be used as a hedgerow. It is very adaptable, since it grows in almost every part of the US.

Dwarf cherry laurel/english laurel is another nice hedge plant, with glossy evergreen leaves, fragrant flowers. By getting the dwarf version it will require less trimming to keep it to two meters height.
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Re: Recommended Plants or Shrubs for Privacy

arbor vitae
Offset rows are good if you are not looking to put up a barricade or have regular heavy winds, etc.

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