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What's this on my tree?

I was pulling vines that are randomly growing on my Cherry Weeping tree and I noticed this on the side of it. We had a warm February this year (In New Jersey, US), causing the tree to bloom a little early before the weather got cold suddenly for the first week in March. I noticed that there aren't many flowers on the tree this year then it is normally, and while checking on the trees in the yard this afternoon I noticed a strange looking black lump on the tree. I read that the tree might have a parasite on it and it might be sick, but I'm not sure. Anyone have any idea what this is?

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Re: What's this on my tree?

It's dried sap. It will wash off with a spray of water from the hose or a good long rain. I get that on my hardy "almond" all the time and it's still looking good.

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