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Dying shrub

Hello! I need some advise on what to do about this shrub. I'm not exactly sure what type it is. My guess is boxwood?
This section has just turned brown over the last month.
First, do I just get in there and clip off the dead parts?
Second, how do I prevent the rest from dying?

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Re: Dying shrub

I'm not much with shrubs, but first thing to do is definitely get in there inspect the damage closely. To me it looks almost like herbicide or other toxic liquid was splashed just in those sections. It could also be broken branches from damage, etc. You might also see if those branches belong to one plant while the other healthy ones belong to other plants?

Look closely at the dead branches -- at they actually dead? Are they dry and snap when bent? Are there signs of sucking pests?

I'm thinking If the damage is due to pest infestation, then the infested branches should be cut off, if they are dead, then cut off to healthy, living branch, but if they are alive and not infested with temporary leaf loss, you might want to just shake or pull off the dead leaves, then cut back just a little bit to allow the branches to grow new leaves.

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Re: Dying shrub

It does look like chemical damage from picture. It looks like somebody threw a bucket of something on it. If the dead brances are all coming off the same shrub root then I may be wrong but if the dead branches are parts of shrubs with other sections that are still healthy it may be a chemical burn. Herbicide damage can be one sided too but usually drift is not so concentrated.

If the damage is from one shrub then there may be insects or borers at work. The pest would have to be identified to determine the best treatment.

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