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Is this butcher's broom ok?

Hi All

I bought a few butcher's broom shrubs by mail order and they arrived the other day. Two of the plants don't look that healthy to me:
Does that look normal, or are they diseased? If diseased, should I send them back? I haven't planted them in the ground yet, maybe they will recover when they are not pot bound anymore?

Any help and advice is much appreciated!

Many thanks :D

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Re: Is this butcher's broom ok?

Sorry you didn't get an answer. Maybe other people like me never heard of butcher's broom, so didn't look at the post. But when I saw it still sitting here, I decided I should at least look.

So without knowing anything about your particular shrub, those circular marks are classic fungal disease signs. I don't know which one, but it doesn't really matter. If that is how they were when they arrived, I would send them back. Fungal diseases of plants can be difficult to treat and have the potential for spreading to other plants in your garden.
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