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Dying maple tree

I have a landscape with maple bonsai setting which is bundled with our maple trees bundled. It is now late winter and early spring time, most of the maple tree have already started to have new buds and new branches. But one of my maple tree do not have any sign of life at all, no new buds, no new branches. some of the existing branch starts to dry up. There are still some branches with the life maple red color, but it is just not making any buds. how do I know if my maple tree is dead? if it is not dead yet, Can I still save it? What can I do to make it thrill again in the spring? or if it is dead, how should I take care of the rest of the trees?

i.e. The lower bark of the dying maple is peeling away due to some moss growth.

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Re: Dying maple tree

Do you have pictures of the base of the trunk where the bark is peeling?
The moss is not making the bark peel away. Moss normally grows on the shady side of older trees. It also normally grows on dead wood. The moss is growing because the bark was dead and peeling.

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