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Hello everyone.
I bought my house with a hedge line of honeysuckle. They are actually more like trees. This pretty much kills all the grass under them. I don't know if it is lack of light or something about the plants but.... Will anything grow under honeysuckle?
Thanks all.
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I inherited my property with a bunch of honeysuckles too. You've probably got Asian Honeysuckles so you might want to consider removing them. They're shallow rooted and aren't all that difficult to get out of the ground. We've hooked them up to our riding lawn mower and yanked them out that way but smaller ones pull out of the ground easily with a weed wrench.

Once you have cleared the area of the Asian honeysuckles, let the area sit for a year so rains move the allelopathic chemicals to lower levels and you should be able to plant in that area again.

If you like honeysuckles, you might want to consider planting back a native species that would play nicely with other plants such as Lonicera sempervirens, L. dioica, or L. flava.

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