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Help with tree

Hello everybody!

We have a new garden and beautiful trees. I do not know much about trees so this one has quite a few brown branches. What to do about it?
Water it more or less? Fertilizer?

Help is much appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance.



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Re: Help with tree

Hello and welcome to the forum. It looks like you have a juniper. I suspect at one time a vine was entangled on it and blocked out the light. Junipers will turn brown in the center as the needles age but brown at the tips can mean other things.
Cut out all of the dead leaves and branches on the inside that you can. Feed the trees with a balanced fertilizer. Keep the vines off the trees. Check for pests. The soil should be well drained; water deeply but infrequently. Junipers tolerate dry soils but not really wet ones. . ... c2056.html ... uniper.pdf
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Re: Help with tree

Thank you so much!

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Re: Help with tree

A lot of evergreens shed spent foliage on the inside every year. Much of what's shown may be that. Try wearing glove and just pull through to remove some if it bothers you. Otherwise it may be a sign of good health.

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Re: Help with tree

That's not normal annual shedding. That's a sick tree.

Have you checked the trunk for damage? Holes, peeling bark, sap accumulating in globs on the trunk, split wood, etc. For damage to be that extensive there has to be some damage somewhere. If the trunk looks good check the root zone for damage, soil disturbances. Those trees are really hard to kill.

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