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Pruning a male Winterberry (Sparkleberry) shrub

We moved a mature male Winterberry shrub to a new area in our garden. The third year after planting three out of four stems of this clumped stemmed plant died. I believe it had to do with a very wet period we experienced. I thought the plant had died completely, but now large numbers of stems are growing all around the base. This shrub ordinarily grows this way and "colonizes" itself.

While I'm glad this mature shrub has survived, I don't know how I can prune it to regain it's typical clumped appearance. There are very large numbers of stems all around the base, all rather short. I have two female shrubs near it that have not produced the beautiful red berries since the male did not produce whatever is needed to polinate(?) the females into making berries.

I sure would appreciate your advice.

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Re: Pruning a male Winterberry (Sparkleberry) shrub

Could you post a picture. We may give a better advise this way.

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