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Can my lemon tree be saved?

ok so I have a lemon tree that is about 3 years which I grew from seed. at first it was great,it growed a lot but never branched,only grew upwards so I decided to cut the top growing leaves to sustain branching. from that moment the tree stopped growing and stagnated for like a year,now I decided to change the pot to a bigger one,but now my tree is dying,the leaves are browning and falling off,but also there is something else happening to it,it seems like it starting to grow some strange little branches from under the leaves. I don't know what to think. I fertilised it today and I hope I will have my lemon tree back. please give me some advice,thank you in advance

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Can you post some pictures? Maybe give us some more information about where you are located, and in what type of environment you're keeping your tree?

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Often this is caused by rapid changes in temperature. Or over watering the tree, may cause Root Rot and in result the leaves will brown.

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