Hedge Privacy - Need advice!

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Hedge Privacy - Need advice!

Post by Murphyvik »

We live in a ranch in a suburban neighborhood in Bucks County PA. Our house is a corner property and our yard is facing a cross street. We desperately want some privacy! You can see we already have a 5 foot fence but are looking for a hedge serve as privacy from traffic. Most nurseries will recommend the Emerald Green Arborvitae, but being in aranch style neighborhood, we really don't want to all of the sudden have a 15 foot giant wall. We are looking for maybe 6 feet...and certainly don't mind pruning every season. Can you plant privets along a fence line?? Please help...we have been debating this for years! Below is a photo from our back porch.

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Re: Hedge Privacy - Need advice!

Post by HoneyBerry »

I have arborvitaes and I love them. They make a great privacy hedge.

6' high, especially at a distance, will not really provide much in the way of privacy.

Trees would provide some privacy, but they grow slowly.
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Re: Hedge Privacy - Need advice!

Post by charlesjschram »

I love my caragana (pea shrub) hedge. I planted them in May 2014 from seedlings and they're already 6' tall. I just can't decide if they're growing TOO fast and need trimmed back.

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Re: Hedge Privacy - Need advice!

Post by Taiji »

Out here pyracantha works well for privacy. It's great for here because it tolerates poor soil, drought, and no wild animals eat it! Except for the orange berries; the birds like them. It grows 5 or 6 feet per year out here. I think it can grow most anywhere.

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