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Re: Growing Wisteria from seeds

...but Susan, you have it wrong -- I don't WANT a tree form, I want to GROW one. Yeah call me crazy. :> :wink:

...who knows, I might get tired of waiting for it, or other projects might supersede this one and I might give up on it... But then again, I might not. For now, it's fun. :()
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Re: Growing Wisteria from seeds

I'm glad you are happy with your wisteria. I wish you bountiful means to keep it trained. A light-saber maybe?
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Re: Growing Wisteria from seeds

Apple, beware of a plain brown envelope, no return address. Not drugs or poison. Worse! Some nice new tips of W Vine! I haven't looked close enough, but am sure it will send out roots at the nodes.
Have fun!

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