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What is killing my Avocado?

I hope this is the right place to post!

I've had this avocado I grew from seed a couple years ago. About a week ago I noticed some of the leaves turning brown like in the pictures. I sprayed it with "Safer brand Garden Fungicide" which has worked well on my tomato plants. I let it dry, and then I put it back in it's window at night. Should I have sprayed it more? I'm terrified of burning it with chemicals. Or have I already done that? I feel like the poor thing is on it's last legs since all the leaves (except one older one) have this on them. It just put out 5 new leaves and 3 of them are already dead. It's lost about 6-7 leaves total. :(

One of the newer leaves. :(

Older leaf.

Underside of the same older leaf.

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