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when can i lose the mulch under viburnum shrubs?

This summer we had 10 3 ft. snowball viburnum shrubs planted in a mulch bed inside my pool fence. (The plan is to let them grow to 10 ft for screening purposes.) I understand that mulch is good for new plantings - it prevents weeds from growing, keeps moisture in, etc., but I really dislike the look of mulch beds or using mulch beds/rings ornamentally. I see viburnum photos with grass growing around them (see photo). At what point can I lose the mulch and plant grass or a ground cover that's green? When is it safe to create a more natural look? Or am I just overthinking this....maybe as the viburnum grow, they'll naturally hover over/cover the mulch? And one more question from this super newbie gardener...

Can anyone recommend ground cover for the viburnum?
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Re: when can i lose the mulch under viburnum shrubs?

Your bush is gorgeous.
I think that with any bush or tree if the grass grows next to it, then it is harder to mow. You will have long grass growing in between the branches that is hard to clean. This may not be a look you like it too. Mulch is so good for plants that I personally would keep it. In my opinion it creates cleaner look around the bushes. My mom was always planting small flowers under the trees to give them little color, somaybe that would be good resolution.

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