Diseased Weeping Willow

I have a lovely miniature weeping willow in a container. The container stands approx 3ft high and the tree is a foot tall with the branches hanging down the sides of the pot.
Unfortunately the leaves seem to have developed a vivid bright orange powdery disease - it practically covers whole leaves and some twigs. It has only appeared in the last week at the most and is spreading madly.......is it rust or something else? :?
Please tell me the tree can be saved!!
Any help or suggestions gratefully received.
(I would rather not use chemicals but if I were to remove every infected leaf I doubt there would be anything left :( )
Many thanks

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Sounds like rust to me; I am not a fan of chemicals, but rusts are vigourous fungii and you are probably going to have to nuke it with something strong. Try neem oil first; it's organic and safe (and good for insects and mites as well), but be prepared to go to stronger stuff...


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