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Transplanting hedge plants from hydroponic to soil.

Hi, and greetings from Norway!

My sister just bought a new house with a large garden. She will be needing around 300 hedge plants. Since she's focusing on remodeling the house now, she`s gonna wait until next year to start with the garden.
My thought was that I could grow them for her in my cellar or garage, approximately 9 pr.
1 - 1,2 square meter.
Since things grow faster with hydroponics and if I combined it with LED- growlights, I think they can be quite decent in size fast and cheap under optimal circumstances, compared to how expensive they are at plant stores when 1 meter high or more.

My question is this. How would it be to transplant them to the soil outside next summer? I`m thinking that I first should transplant them to a good soil inside first to better adapt them, and then after another week or to plant them outside.
What do you guys think?
Am I far off or is this possible? Any help, tips would be appreciated :)

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