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Hibiscus tree advice

I inherited a Hibiscus tree from my grandmother when she passed last year. The tree is about 16 years old and she grew it from a cutting she obtained from a hibiscus tree my late father (her son) had grown.

The first few months I had the tree it was growing beautifully, had over a dozen flowers (usually it got about four flowers a year) it grew many new beautiful branches and had lots of leave. It looked amazing, but since I moved out of my apartment and in with my fiance the tree doesn't seem to be faring well.

It suddenly stopped blooming and all the leaves fell off. I hadn't changed anything in the way of caring for the tree. I water it the same and I use a plant lamp to make sure it gets enough lighting, but it still just seems to be dying.

About a month ago, after doing some google searches I decided to try pruning the tree, only the discover a huge portion of the tree is actually dead. I pruned away all the dead parts and now it is no longer a tree. It's more of a stub with a branch :(

This tree has a lot of sentimental value for me since it belonged to both my father and my grandmother and I really don't want to loose it, but I am a very inexperience gardener and at a loss as to what to do now.

I need advice for regrowing my tree to it's former glory.
pruning tips
soil tips
any advice people are willing to give me

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