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Which Azaleas to plant: Deciduous or Non-deciduous?

I've been gardening for years, but never planted Azaleas. Now I have an opportunity to try them. I'm in Zone 7b in the Mid-Atlantic. I just don't know anything about these shrubs other than they prefer shade at least part of the day. I have a north facing wall with no trees casting any shade on the new planting space. In the summer, the space gets sun from about 12 noon till the sun sets. I don't know whether the deciduous or non-deciduous are easier to grow. Which ones are more trouble-free?

I'm getting up in years and have been weaning out plants that require a lot of attention or lots of extra watering. I understand Azaleas are pretty trouble free. I need to keep the size down also. No more than 4 feet in width for my space. Height wouldn't matter so much. A deep pink would be nice if you have any suggestions. I'd sure like an Azalea that has a good track record. Thanks for your help. :D

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I don't know about specific varieties and colors, but here are some differences between the deciduous and evergreen ones:

deciduous - bigger plant with bigger leaves, handles more sun and more winter cold. Will show fall colors before they drop leaves. More likely to need pruning.

Many varieties (but not all) of evergreen azaleas will bloom a second time in the fall. Keep their leaves all year round. More likely to need winter protection, if you are in a cold winter area, especially a windy one.

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We (Memphis) love azaleas! They are everywhere blooms upon blooms this time of year. I see very few of the deciduous, and I am thinking they are the native azaleas. Do check the 'encore' variety which is the repeat bloomer, and has the most delicious colors. The best thing is to go to the garden centers and see what is available, colors, suggestions etc. If you have a real garden center, not just the box store is best.

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