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Tree Question

Hi all!

I have 2 small evergreen trees located in front of my house and I was wondering if you think they should be replaced or if they will come back. Over the summer I got a new roof and the tarp they hung for the debris burnt the needles off. They survived the brutal winter we has this year in the northeast but did not product new needles. Attached are the 2 photos for you to look at, thanks for the help!
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Re: Tree Question

well, I can say that the ugly hole in the second picture is permanent. Many conifers only have green needles on the outer part of their branches. The inner part is dead and non productive. Once you cut in to the dead part of the branch, it will not grow new greenery, but just stays bare brown branches.
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Re: Tree Question

I would suggest gluing needles from plastic Christmas tree onto th dead part. It sounds insane, but it might work...
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