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Boston Ivy Problems

Help Me! I have Boston Ivy planted on the east wall of my brick home. Location Dallas, Tx. Every year the same thing occurs - it flourishes in the spring , growing fast and spreading lush big green leaves. As the summer progresses it starts to lose rich color, growth rate, leaves turn reddish to brown and start dying off and dropping. By August 1 of this year it was brown and losing its leaves. I have not seen indicators of insects eating leaves, we have sprayed anti-disease chemicals on it, which did not seem to have any effect. I don't believe it is a watering issue. It has received adequate water but drainage is good, not soppy. I would say my soil type is heavy clay, not sandy or loam type. Any suggestions to turn it around? Thanks.

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Hi cary :D
If it is not lack of water the only other causes could be spidermite. Not visible to the naked eye but you would see fine cobweb on the leaves and they may curl.Sometimes if you wipe the back of a leaf with your finger you get a reddish/brown stain. Could be a possibility as being against the wall it would be very warm and dry so would encourage them. Secondly the soil could be deprived. Try giving it a good mulch in the Spring. This would also help to maintain humidity around the plant which could just be too dry on the warm wall causing the leaves to drop prematurely.

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