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Sunburned plants - what to do

Hello! We've had some record breaking heat here in SoCal. Super heat like that is uncommon where I am, and it's taken its toll on some of my plants. In particular, boxwood and Peter Pan agapanthus. They're both pretty badly burned. My questions are these . . . can I just shear the agapanthus way back, like almost to the ground? Will it come back in the spring? The leaves are too small and too many to deal with individually. Sort of the same with the boxwood. Can I give it a heavy pruning? I've never done that before. It gets sheared into a small hedge but never pruned. Got ideas for me? Thanks!

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Re: Sunburned plants - what to do

sorry you didn't get a quicker response. Yes, the boxwood does well with hard cutting back and will regrow.

The agapanthus should be ok cut back to about 4 inches above the ground.

Sounds like for next summer they may need a bit more shade. If they can't be moved, some shade cloth helps.

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