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Help identifying a mystery shrub

I saw some shrubs a while ago that I am very interested in having in my own landscape, but have been unable to find out what they are. They are located in zone 5-6 (on the line). They are about 10 feet tall by 6+ feet wide, with multiple trunks. Thay have long (4" or so), linear leaves that are not opposing, in a dark green shade, that are "papery" and stiff (kind of like bay leaves from the grocery store. No, bay does not grow in my zone!), and rustle in the wind. The shrubs reminded me very much of bamboo except for the trunks, which are "regular" bark-covered trunks. Their shape was somewhat vase-like, and they were dense enough to make good screens. They were in a public park, and I have written twice to the man in charge of the grounds to no avail. If anyone has an inkling of what these might be, I would forever be indebted! Thanks!

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A pic sure would help! :D

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