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What are these, how to prune?

I am setting about autumn/winter pruning. I have a couple of shrubs in my front forecast garden that are also too large. But what are they and what are the guidelines for taking care of them, and when?
Many thanks for your help!

Shrub 1:
Shrub 2:
Also flowers red/pink.
Shrub 3:
Top-down view, main trunk growing awkwardly, nice smell.
Group shot:
Showing Shrub 2 in front of Shrub 1 and, behind both, Shrub 3, out of view.

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The last one looks like a variegated pittosporum. It is a common hedge plant. It does need frequent pruning. Follow the basic pruning rules. Do not take off more than 1/3 of the plant at a time. Do the pruning just before the plant is to flush with new growth and feed it well just before pruning so it will have the energy to grow.

If it is pittosporum, I think the plants will take hard pruning but to be safe sometimes I will only cut back half the plant and wait for the new growth to start and then cut back the other side. It does grow back unevenly, but I can later prune to shape.

If you are not sure what it is, then prune it back slowly usually in the Spring just before new growth flushes. I would only cut back partially. If the plants are very old, they may not be able to come back well and may need to be replaced. Feed the plants before you prune.

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The first picture looks like a rhododendron. Here is a link to a site about pruning and care of Rhodies. :)

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