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Can I salvage mole-ravaged Japanese Maple?

I just discovered that my Japanese maple has been ravaged by moles. One side of the root stucture is eaten away and the tree almost fell over. One of the chewed root "trunks" is dried up at the chew point. This happened two days ago and the tree is still very green. Roots on the other side are intact.

Is there any way to salvage this tree?

If so, specific ideas are welcome.



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You probably should provide some supplemental watering and make sure there are no air pockets in the root zone. Also you could take a sharp pruner and turn the chewed root ends into clean cuts. You'll probably need to stake the tree too. Beyond that it is mostly hope and pray.
I'm doubtful that this was the work of moles, it sounds more like rodents to me. Moles eat insects, worms and other small invertebrates not plant roots. Your situation sounds more like the work of gophers or voles.

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