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Tree too close to house?

I just bought this house, but been renting for a few years. Now that I'm doing a walkthrough I noticed this tree that has sprouted up right next to the house. Can someone tell me what kind of tree this is and is it too close? Wondering if I need to pull it out. See photo.

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Re: Tree too close to house?

It looks like cottonwood popular and yes, definitely too close to the house.

It's probably too big already to "pull out" and needs to be cut down close to the ground, then the cut surface scored and painted with some kind of herbicide and wrapped with black trash bag.

Personally I would try horticultural vinegar or baking soda paste first as a safer alternative to chemicals, but if you decide to use a chemical herbicide, be sure to obtain its MSDS and do some research. As a new house owner, this is your chance to learn and make informed choices.
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Re: Tree too close to house?

I have a palm tree that I believe is way too close to my house as well. And those darn things grow like weeds. I have been trimming it like you are supposed to do to a palm but that seems to just make it keep getting taller.

When you said yantronica's tree was too close, are you referring to possible root damage? In my case, I'm worried that a hurricane will just push it over onto my roof but I know that problem is specific to where I live. Our house is on a slab but I've also heard that palms have very invasive roots and I have septic lines and such under there to worry about.

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Re: Tree too close to house?

That Cottonwood could very well ruin a house foundation. It needs to be removed as soon as possible. I would not just cut it off a ground level but dig down and get as much root a you can. And then apply a root killer. Cottonwoods will grow really fast and get really big.
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