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Help identify these white spots/crystals?

I have this unknown medium/large sized bush/shrub outside next to my driveway that seems to have these white spots/crystals all over them. From what I can tell, it seems to be damaging it and perhaps stunting its growth. I would say its about ~7 years old (when this home was built).

The best way I can describe the look and perhaps even feel of these spots would be like if you sprinkled fine salt on the leaves. The issue seems to be spreading from when I first noticed it....I'd say almost every leaf now has this infestation.

Oh, I ran my fingers under some water and it appears that I can remove most of it off a lead with relative ease by rubbing and/or slight scraping with my finger nail. (second picture)

Here are some pictures...hope they help. Also, thanks in advance!



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Re: Help identify these white spots/crystals?

I'd say you have some type of fungus on the tree.

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Re: Help identify these white spots/crystals?

It is unusual. It looks like salt crystals. Most fungus does not rub off and glossy leaves usually do not get fungus that easily. I would think some kind of scale, but the pattern is unusual and scale would rather be on the undersides and along the midrib.
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Re: Help identify these white spots/crystals?

It's a complete guess since we don't know what this plant is, but maybe this phenomenon is related to this?
Subject: (pics) Small White Crystals on Spinach plant
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