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acer tree lost all leaves

My acer tree has lost all its leaves overnight they have just wilted and dropped off there are new shoots on the brances so i don't think it is dead but would like to know why this has happened

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Trees loose leaves because of stress. If they are not getting enough water they react by dropping leaves. Also recently applied lawn chemicals, fertilizer, weed killers etc - in excess may also be the reason for sudden leaf loss.
You do not mention what type of Acer. The type of maple ( like Japanese Maples) are more sensitive to water and soil conditions that say a Norway maple.

At this point there is little to do but wait - Using your fingernail scratch the bark and look for a green layer. It will indicate some life left in the tree. Move the mulch around the tree and check the soil - if it is dry - water the plant well. If it is wet allow to dry before waterering again

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It's been incredibly dry here in southern ontario. Yesterday I found my amur maple had a number of yellow leaves on it, with brown patches. It was also drooping. I thought I'd been watering it enough, however I watered it and then it rained here 20mm. The tree is standing right up straight now. I hope that it holds the rest of of it's leaves, but maybe, if you're weather has been like ours, water might be the answer.

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