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Can I cut in middle, will it grow back, tree close to house


About 8 years ago, my dad planted this tropical tree / plant on the side of my house. He was always a green thumb, and knowledgeable about plants, etc. but we never realized how tall it would get.

I've been ignoring this for some time now, but want to know if I can trim this tree from, let's say the middle. Will it continue to grow back from the bottom? Or will I have to replant the top section for it to continue to grow.

I'd hate to kill this tree, because it has sentimental value for me.

Does anyone know?
I live in Florida.




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The name escapes me (sort of cyclamen) but if it is what I think it is you should be able to chop it and it will sprout again.

Jess is normally really good at this so wait till she replys! I'd hate to be wrong!

TO :roll:

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I was thinking of a dracenea sp., as it looks like a (much) bigger version of some I have in my house. In MI, as houseplants, stuff doesn't get as big as when grown outside in favourable climates. If it is a dracenea, you could try air-layering it., although again, I don't know if that would work or if it would take extra attention because it's outside. Air layering usually preserves the top as the new roots in the middle are growing, then one lops off the top with it's new root system intact, to transplant. Oftentimes the stump will then re-sprout from the cut, but I've only tried it with draceneas. Is there a local nursery nearby where you could describe it or have them identify it from your photo? Good luck.

Happy gardening,

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Hi Larry :D

Its a Yucca and a very nice specimen too. Shame it is planted quite so close to the house.
You should be able to cut half way down and it will sprout from the cut, not sometimes doesn't work and as it is quite precious and you don't want to lose it you could try taking the top out leaving the lowest stems attached to the trunk. That should guarantee it growing back.

It is hard for me to tell from the picture but does it have several sprouting stems at the top? If so these can be planted up and if at a later date you decide to go for the big chop you should have some nice baby Yuccas to replace this one if necessary.

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Thanks for all the insights everybody,

And yes, Jess, it does have several sprouting stems at the top.

I'll probably plant another one somewhere else, perhaps in a pot, just in case.


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I have one of those. I didn't realize it would grow that big. It is in a pot outside right now, but we bring it in every fall. We've abused it a great deal and it just keeps on coming back. One time, when I was a little less aware of what I should be doing, I cut the top off of it, wanting to re-root it. Well I threw out the root ball and put the top half in water. It grew. and now it's about three feet tall. My husband had it when I met him 17 years ago. At that time he had it in a small pot. It had spiders in it, and looked all dry so he yanked it up by the spikes. The spikes broke off so he put them in water. Thing is he forgot it on the window shelf (bachelors) for a few weeks. It went dry, so he stuck it back into the pot of dirt, put some water on it et voila! same plant we have here. This year, in the fall, I'm going to cut it off again as it is growing at a 45 degree angle in the pot and pokes out into the room. We'll see what happens...

Sorry to ramble...

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