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Juniperus squamata Prostrata - Recovery Possible?

Hello All,

Brand new to the forums, so hello! I'll get right to it.
I'm in a new home and I have a Juniperus squamata Prostrata (it was described to me at the local nursery as a weeping juniper standard and searches online led me to the squamata name). It's an outdoor plant about about 3-4 feet tall. We had a very harsh winter this year which I believe harmed the tree. I pruned all the dead pieces off yesterday and I'm left with 2-3 branches left with green on them still (I scratched the branches and there is still pale green inside, so I don't believe it's dead).
The lady at the nursery said she would scrap it and start with something different, but I'm a bleeding heart (and don't have a ton of money to be throwing at new, nice shrubs) so I'd like to pick your brain and see if I can save it.

Assuming it's still alive I don't think there's much I need to do to save it (save maybe wrap it next winter)....but is there anything I can do to encourage new growth? Or am I stuck with what's left?


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Re: Juniperus squamata Prostrata - Recovery Possible?

Prostrata is quite hardy and adaptable, and I would expect it to recover…as long as you don't mind it looking a bit rough for a while. I have a couple evergreens that I decided to cut severely back this past summer (not the best time to give them a haircut I realize). I hadn’t planned on the severe winter we had and figured with the way they looked about a month ago, that I had probably lost them. Low and behold however, they’ve already begun to come back, so I'm really glad I didn’t pull them out. I'm sure they’ll look terrible this summer, but by next summer will be beautiful again. So I guess what I'm saying is “hang in there” and patience will probably reward you with a return of your lovely plant.

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