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Jade plant tiny black and white bugs


I recently went to water my Jade & when I did, I saw tiny bugs on the top. Sort of flea like and appear to jump. I've googled loads and come up with springtails which really seem the only possible one I could have given the nature of how they move around. (I've heard they're harmless too). A few leaves came off so I rooted them again in the pot just to see what would happen (as I've done this before and had new Jade's appear) but they died too. I thought the bugs could be killing the plant but the babies in the pot seem to be growing at a good rate (for this time of year anyway). I've tried to get a picture but it's near impossible to get them to keep still and due to their tiny size it's pointless.

ANY help will be greatly appreciated. This was a gift and I've had it for quite a while so will be a shame to throw it out. (And I'm not used to repotting so I'm scared to)

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Sounds like repotting might be a good option.

Wash the plants down outside with a hose or something that will have a little pressure (& I mean only a little).

Then buy some pyrethrin based organic spray. White oil or eco oil may work too ...

See how you go. If they have infested the soil ... it may be a good idea to pot it up.
Jade plants are pretty tough. Though they don't like too much water & need good drainage. :P

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