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Amelanchier arborea "ROBIN HILL"

Hello from Czech Republic,

I am doing a project town square and part of it is 42 pieces of this tree planting,
distance between trees is only 4m (total rectangle 7 x 6 pieces = 24 x 20 meters)
I would like to ask you about this tree.
Everything seems fine - size, soil, sun...
Only problem is fruits. These berries attract birds, so for public space it could be uncomfortable in some way.

Have you experiences with this tree?

I would like to know about how many berries has, how many berries fall down from tree, at what time of the year it has berries, how long, etc...

Thank you and please excuse my english!

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Re: Amelanchier arborea "ROBIN HILL"

Late June to late July it should get fruit. Birds will clean up fruit if you don't use a net to keep birds off.
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