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Northern Catalpa in high gear.

I am surprised at the high speed growth of my trees.

I have four giant trees. They are past there life expectancy by about ten years. They are heavily knotted and rotted. they are very close to the house and driveway. They need to be cut down.
I decided that I would heavily cut them back, and see what happens. I figured it is just to much to loose the whole trees. It was early June and the trees were almost in blossom. What was left of the tree blossomed on time.

Ok so what happened was really surprising. The tops of the trees have bushed out very heavily. Know in late July I have the bean fruit on the trees but I also have flowers blooming. Almost a month later then the original blooms.

any thoughts on what is happening.
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Re: Northern Catalpa in high gear.

Trees in decline have their issues in the trunk, not in the crown. A really mature tree can weight tons. More than enough to crush cars or houses...

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