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Help With Identification

Alright, I can honestly say I know next to nothing about trees/ shrubs. Unsurprisingly I am having some difficulty figuring out what it is that I have growing in my yard.

It is a little over 7 feet tall and growing fast. Most of the leaves are green, but some of the newer leaves near the top are reddish. The majority of the leaves also seem to have 3 lobes, which vary in proportion (see pics). Location is Southern Ontario, Canada.



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I think it is box elder tree. It is in the maple family (acer negundo), but it is soft wood and it is kind of weedy - I have it popping up all over my property. Very fast growing.

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Definitely a box elder, also known as the river maple. The give-away for identifying it is the somewhat irregular, notched leaves.

They grow all over the midwest, often in areas where other trees won't (near fences, buildings, next to creeks, in the underbrush, etc). For this reason, some consider them "junk trees." But actually, given a chance to grow solitary and in the open, they are very pretty trees. They are very fast growing under the proper conditions. In the open they can grow up to 50 or 60 feet tall, making a very nice tree.


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