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Black (Swamp) Willow Tree Help

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2007 8:11 pm
by warpedinsanity
Howdy! Hoping I can get some advise on some Black Willow trees that I recently planted in my yard.

My family has some property that is overrun by willows, oaks, and just about any other kind of tree that is native to this area. Given that my yard is currently just an open pasture (no trees whatsoever) I decided to dig up 7 of these willow trees and plant them.

All of the willows I picked were around 4-5 ft tall, and with each willow I successfully was able to dig up a very large root ball. The drive was only about 20 miles, and I but them in the ground right away when I got home. This was about a week ago and all trees but one are looking really rough. The leaves curled up at first and then gradually turned brown. The trunks of the trees still look a bit green, so I'm guessing the leaves were wind burnt or the trees are all just in shock from the move.

I have watered them every day and applied one dose of root stimulizer on them shortly after I planted them. I've read that willows are very tough trees and I'm hoping they will bounce back. Any ideas? Does this sound like possible shock or wind burn? I think I have done everything correctly. Any advise would be appreciated!

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2007 9:11 pm
by Jess
Hi :D

Just wondering about the watering. You say you are watering everyday. This is probably too much depending on how much you are watering. Normally when you plant a new tree or any other plant fot that matter you dig the hole fill about half/three quarters full with water. Let it sink in then plant, firm the soil, water in to make sure the soil is settled properly then walk away for about a week. I think you may be saturating it. It needs time to develop a proper root system. Stop watering.