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help for weeping cherry?

I have a weeping cherry on my front lawn in Pelham, NY that looks maybe 20 years old, and it's in rough shape. It has about 50% less leaves this year. The lower part of the trunk, before the upper grafting, is about 4 feet tall, and 13" diameter. There's a bald spot near the ground where the bark is gone, and directly above that for most of the height of the trunk are splits and cracks in the bark. I can see in there and I noticed what almost looks like barnacles, little white things, maybe cocoons? Also there's a bit of blackish sap oozing out of opposite side of the trunk. Is there help?

Thanks so much - Nick

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All prunus are prone to pests (curilio?) that eat under the bark & girdle trees. If there is no (or little) inner bark that tree is past saving.

Ungirdled trees may be able to be saved by spraying. But leave your organic gardening hat at the door.

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Twenty years is a long time for a weeping cherry. I think it is showing its age. You can try to fix all those problems but clearly the tree is deeply stressed and weakened. A weak or stressed tree will invite pests and it will not be long before it is overcome no matter what you do. I would begin looking for a replacement.

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