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Paulownia Kawakamii Tree (aka, Royal Empress)

I have a real interest in planting a couple of Royal Empress trees in my back yard.

Has anyone had an experience with this type of tree?
And if so, can you offer a good nursery?

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Re: Paulownia Kawakamii Tree (aka, Royal Empress)

I have also had an interest in these trees because of their incredibly fast growth rate. This spring I bought some seeds on ebay and tried to start my own. They never took and when I contacted the guy he said that many of the people who bought them were reporting the same problems. Later I bought a half dozen little starts on Ebay and they were good until about two days of blistering heat outside without water. From everything I've read, they are great trees and easy to grow once they're settled in. I've also read that they can spread so easily that they can be a real pain. At any rate, I intend to buy one of those tree and plant it to watch how fast it grows.

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