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Correct Pot size for two indoor palms?

I have just recently acquired one Lady Palm and one Pygmy Date Palm. I should emphasize that I am fairly new to gardening or maintaining any type of plant. Both plants are at approximately 2'. Is there a standard height to pot size ratio? I am trying to determine the correct size for their pots as I do not like the containers in which they came. What is the best way for me to determine the proper size? Thanks!

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AWESOME CHOICES! Yea, we can be particular about our pots! You have to realize that your palms are going to need repotting every year or so. You don't want to but them in a much bigger pot than the one they are already in, though. I would start out by lifting from the pot they are in to see of they are root bound yet. If the pot is not SLAP full of roots, you can add an inch to the diameter (width of your pot). If the pot is root bound to the point that all you see is roots, then you can add 2-3" to the diameter. You don't want the pot to be to big at first, but increase the size as your trees roots fill the pot. MAKE sure your new pot has drainage holes, too, as they don't like their soil wet. When I repot my palms, I use a mixture of Miracle Grow Potting soil, throw in a little soil conditioner (small pieces of bark basically-you can buy bags at Lowe's or Wal-Mart), a little extra perlite... Your pots need to drain very well. Place a tray or saucer under the pot to catch the water as it comes out. Water until you see the water coming out of the bottom, and when it stops, discard the water in the tray. Don't let the pot sit in water. If you put them outside in the summer, as I did, don't put a tray or anything under the pot. Sit them on a couple of bricks or something so they won't be sitting directly on the ground. Water thoroughly until you see water coming out of the pot. Allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings. In the winter, you will only have to put a glass of water in every week or so... Mist your palms every few days so the leaves don't dry out and don't place then where they get a draft from heat or AC as this can cause their leaves to dry out. They like bright light, but not so much direct sun. If it looks like your leaves are burning or scorching, give then a little more shade.

Well, this is a little more than you asked for, but you said you are a beginner... To much info is better than not enough.
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