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Problems with a Photinia tree

Hi! I recently bought and planted a photinia tree (2m / 6 feet stem) and i noticed that there is quite a lot of sap bleeding from the trunk. It seems to be bleeding from old and healed pruning cuts. I covered them with a sticky mixture i bought from the florist but now the photinia bleeds from higher up. I could use the concontion to cover more old cuts but i started worrying this is not normal. Could the tree be infected by some disease? BTW the photinia seems healthy otherwise (thought we have had it for only one month and it may be too soon for other symptoms to show)

Thanks a lotfor reading!

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Re: Problems with a Photinia tree

Research Fire Blight, a bacterial infection in which parts of the shrub look scorched by a fire that, in humid locations, they may ooze. You may want to try a copper bactericide if you concur it is FB.

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