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Flowering Trees for Clay Soil?

Are there any flowering trees growing less than 45 feet that do well in clay soil?

I'm looking for a tree for my backyard. There is already a brandford pear in the backyard that was given to us by our builder as a gift, but we want to add another tree opposite to it for more shade.

I live in Zone 8, my soil is poorly drained (you can sink in it, but my St. Augustine grass tend to not mind it at all :shock: ), and my PH is neutral to very slightly acidic. My soil is heavy red clay soil :cry: .

My big positives is a tree that is going to attract lots of wildlife like birds, butterflies, squirrels.

Yes, I know I'm crazy, but I love squirrels. There just isn't enough trees in my area for them to be running around in. They tend to hang out around the older parts of our community.


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How about this one Valdo? It is slow to grow but worth the wait. They have now crossed them with a Chinese form which are resistant to anthracnose.
Check this for a bit more info
This site for the pink form,GFRD:2007-03,GFRD:en%26sa%3DN

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I have very hard clay, rocky, sandy, alkaline soil. My flowering trees are LOVING life. They are Chanticlear Pear (gets about 20' tall), Crabapple, Thundercloud Plum (or was it thundercloud pear?).

There is a new tree we are testing out, it is a Golden Chain, and so far it is lovely. There is another one in the area that is beyond gorgeous, although I don't know what it is called. They grow about 3' a year and have HUGE GORGEOUS puple flowers on them for about a month, every spring. You'd have to see if your local nursery knows what they are. Downside, I wouldn't recomend them for areas that have chronic high winds...their fast growth makes their trunks weak.

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