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I have an azalea that I keep on a screened in back porch. It gets afternoon sunlight and is potted in a terra cotta potter. It is starting to wilt and turn brown. I want to save this beautiful plant, but I have no idea what I am doing wrong or how I can save it. Can anyone help me?

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My guess is it could be either too much sun (azaleas don't need intense sunlight) or it may need more acid - azaleas are an acid-loving plant, and I'm not sure general potting soil comes with a whole lot. Your coffee grounds and used tea bags should do the trick (I give mine to my roses).

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Pardon me on that - but is that used coffee grounds on those, Grey? Roses and azaleas? Any other plants reap the benefits of these granules?

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Actually, there has been much research into whether or not coffee grounds make the soil more acidic and it turns out, they don't. I can't comment on tea bags but, the hypothesis behind coffee grounds having low acidity is that the acid is leached from them during the brewing process and I'm guessing that the same would happen with tea.
Cofee grounds do have a high N/P/K value and they apparently repel mites and slugs as well. So, they certainly won't hurt. I added them to my soil last fall and now, it is the nicest soil that you ever saw.

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Tossed somer in the composter (Starbucks will GIVE them to you if you ask) and it looks great...

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