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Shrubs for scorching afternoon sun and drought

I am beginning to plan my shrub and perennial garden on the West side of my house in zone 6b. I am interested in the Lo and Behold Purple Haze Butterfly Bush. I am also considering the
Double Take Scarlet Storm Flowering Quince.
Does anyone with experience or knowledge of these shrubs know if they will do well in morning shade and hot afternoon sun, drought, wind, and well-drained sandy soil?
Also, does anyone know of any other shrubs that would thrive under these conditions?

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With a skirt of bark mulch and proper watering the quince should do ok.

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The butterfly bush should be fine there.

Other possibilities include: spruce, false cypress, juniper, shrub roses, caryopteris, spirea, crepe myrtle, ninebark, lilac, viburnum.

Most of those are available in dwarf versions, if you want to keep the size in bounds.

It's not a shrub, but I love lavender and it does well in those conditions. I'm in zone 6 also. Since in our winters lavender goes dormant and dies back some, it never gets very big. In warmer zones, it will actually become a good sized shrub.

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