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angel trumpet grows too tall

My angel trumpet grows VERY tall (8ft) before it starts to bloom. Every other
one I seem is short and full of blooms. What can I do to decrease it's height??

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Are you sure it is an Angel Trumpet and not a Trumpet Vine? I have three trumpet vines I wish I had never planted! They are terribly invasive and grow all over the place. They tend to grow tall before flowering. They also cling onto walls, fences or house columns with little tendrils so that when you come to cut them down it pulls all the paint or plaster away with it. If yours is a trumpet vine planted in a shady area it will grow to the light before flowering, it may flower in the shade but not much.

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Angel trumpet is a tree not a vine and has 8" long blossoms, so it would be hard to mix them up.

You can cut the angel trumpet back and fall once it gets cooler would be when to do that. Ordinarily you only prune above where the branches form a Y and leave at least 6 nodes on each branch for next year's flowers. But if it is tall (and it is healthy and well established) you can cut it back farther to shorten it. It may not bloom next year in that case.

But it is a tree. It is expected to grow 6-20' tall and 10-15' wide.
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there's two different plants often labeled "Angel's Trumpet"

one is brugmansia, the other datura.

their habits are different - some pix might help identify which is who . . .

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