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Arbor Vitaes- how to fertilize?

Since there are so many types of fertilizer out there, what would be best for 4 foot tall Arbor Vitaes that were planted in the beginning of May?

I'm thinking fish emulsion, but I don't know if something with Miracle Grow would be best?


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Hello ESMclane. Ken here in the Chicago area. Arborvitae are very adaptable
to many different soil types from acid to alkaline. They can grow alongside
rhododendrons and azaleas in an acid environment and also grow in the alkaline
soils of the upper Midwest. Fish emulsion is usually a 5-1-1. This would be fine for
now. But the Miracle-Gro would be a good choice too because it is more balanced and
more phosphorus and potassium. Ron Smith, Extension Horticulturist with North
Dakota State University, says “arborvitae growth and vigor will be aided by using
Miracle-Gro annually. Just don't use fertilizer spikes.â€

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