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Acer identification please!!

Anyone know what sort of maple this is?

Might be a bit tricky from that picture - it was taken in August if that helps :D

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a picture before the leaves turn color would probably be better, lovely tree

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Hi Kerenza,

Your maple appears to be a Japanese maple. There are thousands of varieties. Keep taking photos of the buds before it leafs out, the new leaves and the habit from a distance. If it changes colors as the seasons change note that and take photos. Once you have 5 or 6 photos you might want to ask these folks at the UBC Botanical Gardens. Also knowing what year it was planted might also help. Let them know you are in the UK.

Btw, those red tipped seeds might be a good clue so it's worth asking now. Please come back and let us know if you find out.


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Here's my two cents: It looks like a form of Golden Full Moon J. maple. I have one with similar leaves, they're "chubbier" than other varieties, and it puts out red-tinged seeds. In the spring it's a light chartreuse colour; and fall looks like your pix. Hope this helps.

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