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Purple Wintercreeper Euonymus question

I want to plant this on a sloped area so that I don't have to weed whack it any longer. At the top of the slope I have large evergreen shrubs and my concern is that over time, the wintercreeper will crawl up and strangle these shrubs. Is that the case?

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Absolutely yes. If you plant the euonymous, you will spend the rest of your life battling it. There are lots better behaved ground covers for slopes.

If your soil is acid, there are a couple really nice ones. Partridgeberry is evergreen and has nice foliage, pretty little white flowers and then red berries that birds like. Or bunchberry, which is creeping dogwood and has the same beautiful white dogwood flowers. But both of them really need acid soils.

Otherwise wild ginger, wild strawberry, hepatica, creeping phlox which is also evergreen and gets covered in flowers in the springtime.

None of them will fill in your slope as fast as the euonymous, but that's what makes the euonymous so dangerous.

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