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S.O.S. for my Fiesta Forsythia!!

I am in dire need of some advice. I have three Fiesta Forsythia plants and they are truly one of my favorites in the garden. This past year they took a lot of abuse from lack of my attention and the overcrowding of invasive plants. I just finished uncovering them and found them in pitiful (read shameful) condition. What I found is long stringy stems with tiny leaves. I am sick. What can I do to save them and return them to their once gorgeous condition??? Can I cut them way down to encourage them to grow strong? Or, should I bite the bullet and put them out of their misery? I greatly appreciate any advice given.
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Everything I've read about forsythias is to cut them back short and not be afraid to prune them - they can take it!

Lots of helpful instruction on you tube, too.

Are they getting lots of sun?

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Kathy, some of the Forsythia actually do better in partial shade (although Oregan is a little different). Some of them are grown for their variegated leaf, which may burn in very hot sun, as opposed to their flashy blooms.
I agree that they can be cut back with-out worry, and that is what shouuld be done in this case; probably by about half.

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