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Replacing an Old Arborvitae

The previous owners of the house I currently live in were not able to keep up the yard very well before they moved out so I have just a few items on my list of things to do! One of these items concerns a rather large, unkempt arborvitae that is growing only about 5' from the corner of the house.

When I bought the house, the inspector was concerned about how large it was and how it was growing onto the roof a bit and recommended either some drastic trimming or removing it. It's pretty ugly and way too close to the house so I have decided to remove it and replace it with something more attractive and better suited for that location.

I'm a bit of a novice as far as landscaping is concerned. What types of shrubs should I look in to for this location? I don't think I have a preference toward either evergreen or deciduous but I would like something that's fairly bird-friendly and would work well on the corner of a house. I live in zone 5.


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Very similar story. When we moved into our house the previous owners also had planted arborviteas too close to the house. Our inspector said the same thing. All we did was cut it down and paid some one to grind the stump.

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