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Care instructions for an Umbrella tree?

Just bought the tree a few weeks ago and it didn't come with care instr or what it was. I figured out it was an umbrella tree from pics. Many leaves are falling off at dramatic rates. They seem to be more brown in color. I've been watering about once a week or until the top layer of dirt feels dry. I keep it in the corner of my den by the window (east facing) gets some indirect light, but not too bright. It's also by the heat vent which could be the problem? It's usually 68 degrees in the house. What's the problem? Why is this tree dying. Any advice thanks! I can email a pic. I don't know how to upload on here.

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Move it away from the heat vent ASAP. Never put plants by them.

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To upload pics to here, there's a link somewhere on the forum. but basically, you need a hosting site to upload the picture to, I use photobucket, and there it tells you which link to copy and paste, just copy the one that says "img".
Anyway, Scheffleras are fairly easy plants to keep, but having it by the air vent is a problem! they don't like to have wet soil, and it should dry out some between watering, but the vent is probably drying out the soil too much.

As far as light goes... they can survive with very little light, but won't grow much. and the better light it gets the better it will grow.

I forgot about a scheff plant that I put into a room in the basement, and it was fine with basically no light for over a week, now I have it outside, and it's growing (the temp is about 70, but when it gets cold at night time, I bring it inside)

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