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Eureka Lemon Tree Question - Tucson, AZ


This is my second question re: my fledgling garden.

Besides planting the two crape myrtles, I planted a Eureka Lemon Tree. The tree is about the same height as when I planted it, about waist high. It's not doing so well because my puppy has been chewing on the bark at one place making it very flimsy. Would it hurt the plant if I put a thick layer of blue painters tape loosely around the damaged part of the trunk to protect it from further biting or will this prevent its wounds from healing correctly?

Secondly, the green, upper portion of the truck has developed a curve. The upper quarter of the tree curves at about a 30-40 deg. angle and I'm concerned about the trunk hardening this way and having a crooked tree. Would it hurt if I taped or tied a rod to it to try to correct the curviture or will the curve eventually correct itself?


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You need to put a cylinder of hardware cloth around the tree to protect it from further chewing. Depending on the extent of the damage, this could be very serious: The bark of the tree is where nutrients and fluidsa re transported.

You might want to post a picture.

If the trunk is flexible enough, then I think you could certainly stake it and train it to straighten out. But has the tree developed this curve after the puppy chewed on it? I.e. Is it not growing on the side where it was damaged?

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